Matthew Bellringer
Saskia Listle

Welcome to another conversation with my future skills, the podcast where I talk with interesting people about what skills we have and what skills we need to have to be present in the future.

In this episode I talk to Matthew Bellringer. They are an innovation consultant, neurodiversity advocate and social entrepreneur. They work with individuals and organisations to cultivate, develop and support the exceptional abilities that unconventional people offer. They have a background in technology, psychology and social innovation, and use all of those influences and more to help people establish new ideas, approaches and practices.

In this conversation we go on a meta level and take skills apart. We go into the definitions, teaching and adaption of our skills, the use cases and the cycles of everything that we touch with our skills. We also pick up many subjects again that I already had conversations with other people about.

I hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. Here’s Matthew on Skills.

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