Tracy Sharp
Saskia Listle

Welcome to another conversation with my future skills, the podcast where I talk with interesting people about what skills we have and what skills we need to have to be present in the future.

In this episode I talk to Tracy Sharp. Tracy is a former Design Director with over 15 years of product development experience. Now as an accredited coach she has founded SharpMinds, with the aim to support and empower women in Design and Engineering. She is also the host of the Design thinking Podcast “ A Beginners Guide 2 Design Thinking”

Together we use design thinking methods to imagine out perfect inclusive space. We discuss how to improve innovation and level the playing field in businesses by putting egos aside and creating a culture of openness and dialogue. We go into the need for diverse teams along the lessons Tracy learned as a woman in engineering leadership and what actions we can take to empower and support those around us.

I hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. Here’s Tracy on Inclusive Spaces.

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