Luci Englert McKean
Saskia Listle

Welcome to another conversation with my future skills, the podcast where I talk with interesting people about what skills we have and what skills we need to have to be present in the future.

In this episode I talk to Luci Englert McKean. Luci says that she has been described as “a strong cup of coffee”: she wants to help you wake up, think more clearly, and face the world with wide-open eyes. Committed to lifelong learning, recently she’s focusing on co-creating spaces to support belonging for more of us, not just those who already feel comfortable. She’s deeply introspective, striving to do better, and she’ll openly admit when she’s wrong and apologize when needed. She is a group facilitator, educator, writer, TEDxBloomington curator (emeritus), TEDx speaker and speaker coach.

This was an intense ride through a lot of the layers of power, belonging, respect and vulnerability. Talking about all these parts of trust and going deep into what it means to trust, belong and respect has been a really insightful and brain tickling discussion.

I hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. Here’s Luci on Trust.

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