Sharon Leigh
Saskia Listle

Welcome to another conversation with my future skills, the podcast where I talk with interesting people about what skills we have and what skills we need to have to be present in the future.

In this episode I talk to Sharon Leigh. Sharon is a Neuro-divergent Behavioral Scientist, Yes-and Expert, Instructional Designer, Experimental-Learning Coach, Emergent Core-Story Facilitator and Startup Core-Culture Coach. Sharon has been living in Europe for almost 26 years, as an artist, consultant and Leadership Coach. She dedicates herself to helping leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and other Neuro-Divergent humans tap into their full-core potential. Her Why? Well, she has two: a professional one – Helping others create a life and business they don’t need a vacation from – and a personal one: Provoking Kitty’s curiosity so that Kitty gives a shit.

In this episode we talk about the ingredients of the secret sauce to scaling and the closest thing to a magic pill that you will encounter. We talk about experimenting and asking the right questions, about emotional intelligence and staying dissatisfied.

If after this episode you want to hear more from Sharon, then check out the podcast “Free Range Thinking”, that she is co-hosting and which is about discovering and celebrating life as a Neuro-Divergent human.

I hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. Here’s Sharon on Coaching.

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