Richard Williams
Saskia Listle

Welcome to another conversation with my future skills, the podcast where I talk with interesting people about what skills we have and what skills we need to have to be present in the future.

In this episode I talk to Richard Williams. Richard is an Applied Compassion and Mindfulness Coach. He is a scholar-practitioner of education and compassion, and a scholar-student-practitioner of yoga, mindfulness, altruism, and meditation. He is the author and editor of several publications dealing with the subject of identity and emotions in education.

In this episode we talk about Curiosity as the ability to get out of your own head and experience the world how others experience it. We get into the art, the science and the practices of teaching and we talk about understanding what is happening around us not by the numbers, but by the feeling of the experience. Also, there are a lot of rabbit holes on the way that we have a peak into.

I hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. Here’s Richard on Curiosity.

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